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Yes, you are, and we’re ready to help you.

(Long story short: The FCC is about to make a critical decision as to whether or not internet service providers have to treat all traffic equally. If they choose wrong, then the internet where anyone can start a website for any reason at all, the internet that’s been so momentous, funny, weird, and surprising—that internet could cease to exist. Here’s your chance to preserve a beautiful thing.)

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One week of gratitude: Day 3

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this is the fucking worst thing i’ve ever seen.

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                                           Happy Tuesday!

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Week of gratitude: day 2

1. I’m so incredibly grateful for my cat, Tigh. When I set the intention to bring a cat into my life, I knew I wanted a cat that was cuddly and affectionate, that I could pick up and carry around, and that would love me. My moms cat is the opposite of this (she doesn’t even like to be pet and just hides all the time), so I was a little worried I would end up with a cat like that. Luckily, I got exactly what I wanted. Tigh is the exact type of cat I have always dreamed of having: he loves to be held, he cuddles up next to me every night in bed, he loves to listen to me sing, he licks water off me when I get out the shower, he greets me at the door when I get home and waits for me by the window when I’m away. He loves me unconditionally and forgives me even when I step on his foot or have to give him the food he doesn’t like because we’re all out of the food he likes. He’s 15 years old and I knew when I got him that I might only have 5 or 6 years with him. But that’s ok with me because it just means I have to appreciate him more and shower him with love as much as possible. He’s the best cat ever and I cherish every moment with him.

2. I’m grateful for my boyfriend, Ben. I’ve never really considered myself “relationship material”, because I generally think the good feelings associated with love are not worth the pain you have to endure to keep a relationship going. I was not trying to meet someone when I started seeing him. In my experience, being in a relationship usually meant sacrificing my own personal comfort and happiness for the happiness of the other person. So as a result, love and relationships have never been important to me. I usually just avoid them. But Ben has shown me that things don’t have to be that way. After being with him I see that I can just receive good things without having to suffer for them. There’s a quote I’ve seen on tumblr that says something like “a real soul mate is a mirror who shows you what’s holding you back so you can fix it”. That’s totally true. There’s so much I’ve learned about myself since I started seeing him. He is genuinely appreciative when I do things for him like make him breakfast or dinner, which is something new for me. He loves to take care of me and always makes sure I’m comfortable. He believes in my dreams and wants to see me succeed. I love that he doesn’t eat meat, it makes things so much easier. I believe he came into my life to help me, as an answer to my prayers. And I’m so happy that I met him.


Every Anime Opening Ever Made (Or at least the typical ones…)

I was on the floor rolling at lone protagonists sitting in any random place with the wind blowing through their long lustrous locks.

Seriously this is amazing and hilarious. Everyone who’s ever watched anime in their life can have a giggle courtesy of the brilliant person who edited this together.







I was going to SPN BurCon 2014, but things came up, and I cannot go now. I have a PHOTO OP ticket with J2 to sell! This PHOTO OP is now sold out on the website. This is your chance to still get it.

Information about the convention (website):

Creation Entertainment’s

hi can i please buy this thanks



Mum: do you even read anymore?

Me: *War flashbacks of gay fanfic pours into my mind*

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One week of gratitude: day one

So rhistuff tagged me in this gratitude meme on FB, but I’m gonna do it here instead because FB is full of creeps.

I’m grateful for the place that I live. After living in a place with no water, no shower, no washing machine, minimal heat, and mold on the walls, I can fully appreciate the fact that I have access to all the miracles of the average household and more in my current home. I love that the walls of my room are pink and lavender. I love that I have a place to put all my clothes. I love my big princess bed that ignition07 and circuitsmaximus gave me, especially since I basically slept on a rock for most of my adult years. I’m grateful for my walk in closet and the space it has for my cosplay. I’m grateful for my white desk and my chest of drawers that I got for free. I love that there’s enough outlets on the walls for me to plug in everything. I’m grateful there’s space for my cat. I’m grateful for my whiteboard that I write my daily to do lists on. I’m happy I live in the suburbs for now. I’m happy I’m close enough to my friends to see them on a regular basis. And I’m grateful that I can go anywhere from here

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I was literally just telling @triple.b.jamin about how my name is never on those mini license plates, just like Bart from the Simpsons (Bort) and he pulled out this that he got in New Hampshire while I was at Dragoncon 🙀 #adrienne #teamadrienne #nh #livefreeordie #synchronicity #me #newhampshire #bort

I was literally just telling @triple.b.jamin about how my name is never on those mini license plates, just like Bart from the Simpsons (Bort) and he pulled out this that he got in New Hampshire while I was at Dragoncon 🙀 #adrienne #teamadrienne #nh #livefreeordie #synchronicity #me #newhampshire #bort

If blankets aren’t your thing, I added a tshirt version of Usagi’s bedspread print onto my etsy store.

If blankets aren’t your thing, I added a tshirt version of Usagi’s bedspread print onto my etsy store.

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me rollin that sick blunt like 


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